Group Training

What is the purpose of a group training? Why would I want to do this?

Our purpose in providing group classes is that you become comfortable with exercise, quality instruction, provide you with community, become familiar with exercise equipment, and have fun. With specific goals in mind, boot camp-style workouts move you through a circuit of exercises. Some of which you will be familiar with such as pushups, squats, plank, and sit ups, others you will be coached through in order to gain the full effect. With these classes you receive the ongoing motivation that is found in community and working towards goals together. These classes are for both those who are new to exercise, and those who are more experienced. All instructors will make any necessary exercise modifications in order than all can participate at their particular level of experience and abilities.


Lose inches, Lose weight, Gain Strength, Improve Cardio


Warrior Workout (Men’s Classes)

Balanced Nutrition

Fresh Food
Healthy Energy
Amino acids