Danuta Zylka

Achieve Your Full Potential

I have been exercising with Cary for 2 years.    Cary’s workouts have always been innovative and challenging.   It was never an old routine.   He always managed to exercise a muscle of mine I did not know I had.   His workouts were covering full body throughout a week thus not a single muscle left out.    Cary handles large groups equally well as individual instructions.  Even in large groups, Cary is able to provide real time feedback to all participants.   As well, Cary has a wealth of health information that I relied on quite frequently.   All I had to do is ask after class, Cary what do you think about that? and Cary always had a number of solution options for me whether it related to a different way I could lift weights or nutrition or referral to a health professional such as a chiropractor.   I found Cary very approachable and always willing to help.   He was able to rub off on me a lot of his passion and dedication to health and wellness.   If you want to get in shape, there is no one better than Cary as your partner to achieve your full potential.