Glen Allison

Get in Shape and Lose Weight

In December, I decided that I would get in shape and lose weight. I am 6”2 and weighed 251 pounds; I wore a 48L jacket and had a waistline of 42’. My body fat was 28.8%. After taking a referral from a health store, I called Cary Gordon. My goals were aggressive; Cary had his work cut out for him. After working with Cary (in home training) he quickly determined a schedule that suited my lifestyle and current equipment. (That was one thing I appreciated, it would have been easy to have someone come into my home and tell me that I needed to buy a whole new setup) Cary told me that my “ideal” weight according to health Canada was between 195-208 pounds and between 10-20% Body fat. As my jaw hit the floor thinking I would never be able to get less than 200 lbs, or anywhere close to 10% body fat, we now had a goal. Cary’s approach to personal fitness, coupled with changing what I ate and when I ate it, I was on my way.

By March 31 I had lost 50 pounds and dropped my BFI (body fat index) to an amazing 18%. I have continued to adopt his process and am enjoying a better, fit lifestyle. By October, I was 195 with a BFI of 15%, I wear a 42” jacket and 33’ pant. I am working on getting my BFI to 12% and minus a major accident I received this summer, I have no doubt that I would be there today. It feels nice not to worry about my weight, I know I look better, and I can see it in my clothes. My confidence has increased and my enjoyment of life is exhilarating. I truly would not have been able to do it without the support. THANK YOU.